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Chenille Volcano!

Okay, so Stephanie asked where I got all of the vintage chenille fabric for the quilts that I have made. Well. . . my girls call it their "volcano", as it is currently residing in their bedroom. And no, there is not just one pile of these huge chenille bedspreads, and not two either, but three piles all over my house! They are huge and messy and I am in the process of downsizing my collection (much to my husband's pleasure). So if anyone is in need of some slightly cut up chenille bedspreads, I will be listing them on ebay in the near future!


Brooke said...

What?!?! You have chenille?? I had no idea! That is so cool! Why would you EVER want to get rid of that?! It looks like so much fun to jump on!

Lisa said...

I have the one I bought from you (on ebay) on Hannah's bed. She LOVES it and it looks great!!